Flower Power & The Summer of Love: Chelsea In Bloom 2018

Flower Power and the Summer of Love were the themes of this year's Chelsea In Bloom flower walk through the streets of London. Partnering with Royal couturier Catherine Walker & Co., Hayford & Rhodes brought floral couture to life. 

Flower Show Model

Emma Forsey, Hayford & Rhodes' Brand Manager' was the creative powerhouse behind the designs: "Using the Summer of Love theme, we wanted to create a concept that tied in with the high end fashion from Catherine Walker & Co. We focused on making an impact with the colours, and allow one individual flower to have it's moment. 

Flower Show Model

"With the umbrellas, we focused on almost psychedelic colours of Chrysanthemums, which gave the illusion of standing underneath a flower-coated sky. It also gave a traditional 'buy at a garage flower' a new lease of life. With our Hydrangea umbrella, using a signature Hayford & Rhodes flower, the pink of the flower really complimented with the model's dress.

Flower Show Model

"The headdresses, individually made by hand from soft Asparagus Fern and rare yellow Jasmine; pink Gypsophila and wonderful in-season Peonies had to be comfortable and not too heavy for the models, but we wanted to keep the wow-factor using texture and depth.

Flower Show Models

"Working with Catherine Walker & Co was the perfect brand partnership for Hayford & Rhodes, as we share a similar traditionally British heritage, design ethos and story. Much like the Hayford & Rhodes studio, the dresses are still made by hand in a seamstress studio in London. Seeing the seamstresses work reminded us of the art of floral design: It requires the same level expertise and technical knowledge of your craft, as well as the same creative process and attention to detail.

Flower Show Model

Make-up by the fabulous Anna Kompaniets with lash design and temporary tattoos from PAPERSELF


Chelsea In Bloom brightens up the Daily Mail...

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We also won the Gold Award at Chelsea in Bloom in 2017...


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