5 Wedding Trends to watch out for in 2019...

Whilst we're all too grown up and busy to worry about competitive wedding behaviour, you want to remember your wedding for it's perfect, bespoke uniqueness. Using our own in-house expertise and gleaning some tips from luxury event planners, Moriarty Events, here are the top five wedding trends we're loving for 2019. 

Image: Ross Harvey | Venue: Kensington Palace

Image: Ross Harvey | Venue: Kensington Palace 

1. A Return To Colour 

We predicted that colour would be 'uge for 2019: Check out our yellow Pinterest board here. The perennially influential Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral, as personified by this stunning bouquet we designed for a Kensington Palace wedding. "Using grey or white linen as a base, splashes of colour - like coral or yellow - is going to be brighten up 2019", says Georgina Attwood, Director of Events at Moriarty Events.  

Moving away from crisp whites against simple foliage canvasses that was all the rage in 2017; and the simple darker hues we saw in 2018; 2019 is going to be a riot of colour. Why not combine the last few Pantone official Colors - Rose Quartz pink, calming lilac Serenity, zesty Greenery and rich, moody Ultra Violet - with Living Coral and a twist of lemon yellow to brighten it up? The rules are that there are no rules. 

Image: Historic Royal Palaces | Venue: Kensington Palace

Image: Historic Royal Palaces | Venue: Kensington Palace 

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2. Banqueting dining; low-lying florals and tablescapes 

Tall table centre-pieces and statement vases create a stunning focal point, but when it comes to dining, event professionals highlight that talking around tall vases can limit conversation. The solution? Long tables, low floral design and tablescapes.

Image: byLumiere | Venue: Kensington Palace

Image: byLumiere | Venue: Kensington Palace 

3. Wild, wild thoughts... 

This time last year, we were all about moving away from the wild, undone look. But flowers and fashion are fickle creatures: 12 months later, we're all about the bringing the outside in, nothing too neat and formulaic. Flowers and foliage will always look best designed to be full of depth and movement. The epitome of this look is our floral concept for the Historic Royal Palaces #PickYourPalace wedding showcase at Kensington Palace in November 2019 (pictured above). To recreate a sunset over the Lake District, we used more traditional wedding flowers - white Roses and Delphinium - with foliage and grasses including Asparagus Fern and sheaves of Barley. 

"The rolling hills of this Hayford & Rhodes design remind us of the hills around Tuscany, where we're already planning a lot of weddings in 2019. Tuscany is synonymous with romance. We especially like the Rosewood Tuscany as a venue," says Georgina.

 Image: Will Patrick | Venue: Syon Park

 Image: Will Patrick | Venue: Syon Park 

4. A Wow-factor moment 

"A wedding planner will help allocate your budget so that you can still go big on a 'wow factor', like flowers or something fun like a confetti cannon and live music. Don't worry if your wedding goes over budget - they all do! - but make sure you're spending your budget on the things that matter the most to you.," says Georgina. 

A bespoke floral design (see below for some examples of our work or view our floral walls for Nespresso and Baileys) creates a talking point, the perfect photo opportunity and a wow-factor. 

Image: John Nassari | Venue: Sunbeam Studios

Image: John Nassari | Venue: Sunbeam Studios

5. Arches, Hoops & Chuppahs

Chuppahs are integral to Jewish weddings, steeped in symbolism around the bridal couple and their future. This year, we've designed chuppahs galore; floral hoops (as pictured above), arches (pictured below) and even a swing-seat. Call it a photo op; a focal point or floral furniture: Whatever it is, we're looking forward to more of it in 2019.  

Image: Tia Talula | Event: Martha Brook Stationary Social

Image: Tia Talula | Event: Martha Brook Stationary Social   


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